Facebook’s New News Tabs Coming Soon

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Facebook is coming up with a new feature that you will love. 

The idea of the News tabs on Facebook came about in April this year. The Wall Street Journal reported that publishers have been approached by Facebook and offered up to $3 million per year to license content. The publishers include Dow Jones, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and ABC News. They have been offered a large sum to allow Facebook to use their headlines and article excerpts in their news tab.

A significant move for Facebook  

Additionally, there will soon be news tab in the Facebook app that’s solely for delivering high-quality news straight to the users. This is a good move after the frequent fake news claims, and misinformation, that’s flooded Facebook in the past. The social network has been facing issues regarding misleading information on the platform and this move is a way to address that issue. 

Just recently, Facebook made changes in its algorithm which resulted in more ad revenue for publishers. As for the news tab, this will give publishers more freedom and allow them to choose how they display their content on the news tab. 

Mark Zuckerberg said that this isn’t a revenue play for them. “We’re coming to this from a very different perspective than I think some of the other players in the space who view news as a way that they want to maximize their revenue. That’s not necessarily the way that we’re thinking about this,” says Zuckerberg. 

Facebook’s plans 

The social media mogul has been brewing this plan for a long time. They have been trying to work with news publishers then but in the past publishers weren’t paid for their content. However, they shared their content on Facebook and reward them with the share of advertising dollars. This trend is going to change with the coming of the news tab feature. 

Facebook is going to be quarantining all the news into one tab and subsequently create a section for it so that dedicated newsreaders on Facebook will be able to stay up to date on the social platform. In the same way that the video tabs on Facebook currently work, the News tab will work in a similar fashion.

Zuckerberg said that he isn’t sure yet as to whether Facebook is going to curate a mix of news for users to read or to pick the news that the readers are going to see. Facebook executives are still discussing these plans. 

We will be seeing some changes in the Facebook news tab in the coming months. 

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