New Business Features in Messenger

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Facebook launches new features for advertisers in Messenger.

Rumors of releasing an automated lead generation feature in Facebook’s Messenger has flooded digital marketing news sites since May this year. Finally, Facebook reported they’ll be rolling the feature out this week with additional features including business tools for appointment booking and improved event reporting.

Lead generation right in Messenger

This new feature allows businesses to create an automated question and answer experiences within Messenger while also promoting conversation between businesses and customers. Users will be able to tap on the click-to-Messenger ad for a chat box to appear. There will be a series of automated questions with a pre-filled answer of free form responses.

The automated chatbox can also send reminders to customers who weren’t able to complete their questions.

Turning users into leads

With the help of the brand’s CRM provider, they can get the information provided by the customers and identify qualified leads. Businesses can then pick up from their automated conversations through their Pages Inbox, Pages manager app, or a third-party chat provider.

SurveyMonkey and Drift, an online chat solution provider, made a customer survey recently which found that 42% of their polled population expect a response via online chat within five seconds of sending the message. This feature will certainly help brands satisfy their customers’ needs for efficient and fast replies. It will also improve the rapport between businesses and customers.

RIFT Tax, the UK-based financial services company used Messenger’s lead generation and it increased its qualified leads by 42%. Following up leads via Messenger allowed Rift to reply to their customers in less than 10 minutes and this resulted in an 18% increase in lead resolve rate.

Appointment booking

Appointment booking will be available for beta testing with select developers and businesses before the year ends. Enabling businesses to integrate their calendar booking software in Messenger will make it possible for conversations that are made in Messenger to be converted into bookings. Businesses can sign up to be included in the beta testing now.

Better event reporting

Event reporting will be launched in Messenger later this year and will be tied to the lead generation feature. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of the conversions in Messenger.

All these new business features are designed to aid brands and businesses by improving how they serve customers and potential clients. With the ease and efficiency of Messenger, businesses won’t have a difficult time integrating it into their marketing strategies. 

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