Facebook is Making Some Changes

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Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion and is now merging its chats to Messenger. 

Image credit: Instagram

Instagram users will see a new pop-up when they open their apps as Facebook is integrating its chat systems. The editors at The Verge discovered the update pop-up on both Android and iOs devices bearing the message of the new way to message on Instagram. Features include a more colorful theme for the chat, more emojis, the swipe-to-reply, and the ability to chat with friends who are on Facebook. When updated, the DM icon of Instagram is changed into a Facebook Messenger logo. 

Facebook has been planning to unite its messaging platforms and allow its users to cross-message from WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. The social media giant reported then that it’s redoing all of its underlying infrastructure to allows its users to connect other apps to Facebook freely. Zuckerberg is also planning to make it more secure via end-to-end encryption. Facebook is now more equipped to go against Apple’s iMessage. 

The same cross-platform isn’t expected on WhatsApp mobile just yet. 

TikTok style video format debuted in India

Facebook is also debuting a TikTok style short-video format on its main app in India. The company confirmed the news with TechCrunch and said that they created the Short Videos section in the newsfeed. The launch came at a time when India banned TikTok in the country and since then, Facebook’s services have hiked to over 25%. YouTube, another platform, also rolled out the same feature for its users in India the recent weeks. 

Facebook has been pulling some of the most famous TikTok users and inviting them over to their services. Instagram also did the same thing and encouraging creators to jump ship from TikTok to Reels. With monetization in place, content creators now have more platforms to get their revenue from. 

What does this mean for you?

On merging Instagram and Messenger chats

Users will have an easier time connecting with others from both platforms – Messenger and Instagram. This is especially helpful for small businesses and brands that have built their digital footprints via Instagram and Facebook. Messaging is key to efficient sales service and being able to just swipe from one chat system to another makes the conversation seamless. 

On TikTok-esque features rolled in India

Facebook continues to test out new features and being the country with the most number of users, India serves as the perfect experiment. Facebook hasn’t released any statement whether they’re going to roll it out for its global users. 

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