Facebook will Limit the Number of Ads Pages

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The social media giant announced the news of limiting ads Pages that can run simultaneously, the more is said to impact a number of advertisers. 

Facebook will implement a limit on the number of ads that can run on each page at the same time. The changes will begin by mid-2020, giving advertisers the time to prepare. The company is also released a new Marketing API that will include an Ad Volume API so that advertisers will be able to see the volume of their ads running. 

The changes will benefit advertisers since high ad volume hinders ad performance. With an increasing number of ads running on a page simultaneously, an advertiser’s budget is spent before the system can optimize the ads’ performance. The Ad Volume API allows the advertisers to see and track their Page’s ad volume for an ad account. It will also allow them to see the number of ads permitted in each Page. 

Advertisers have ample time to test out the Graph API and Marketing API before the limitations will be implemented next year. 

Special Ad Category 

Facebook reminds businesses all over the U.S. or with the target audience living in the U.S. to edit their ad campaigns that offer employment, housing, and or credit opportunities on or before December 4, 2019. Ads that aren’t identified will not be allowed to run. 

Ads need to belong to a Special Ad Category, and the limited audience criteria for the special ad category campaign must also be used. For businesses using marketing API v5.0 and above, this category is required for all the ads regardless of what it offers.

Other changes to Marketing API

New features on the Marketing API included the recently reported new features of Messenger for business where brands have better chances of connecting multiple apps to their Messenger platform. Advertisers can also search from their Ads Library to look for active and inactive ads. There are more filters the can be used to efficiently find specific ad types. 

What does this mean for you?

“The ad limits will impact just a small percentage of advertisers,” posted Evan Klein in the company’s business page. As to how this change will impact small advertisers or whether you’ll be affected by it is something you’ll know until it takes effect. 

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