Facebook Released New Brand Safety Tools

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The social media platform has made additions to its platform to protect brands

Facebook released the new brand safety tool in an interview in the 2019 Code Media conference in Los Angeles. The company has been facing an issue with its political ads policy. Facebook decided that the policy and the company have no plans to change it. The social media giant further added that it is the voters’ responsibility to decide whether to believe the message or not. 

Regardless of their defense, Facebook has been scrutinized and accused to be using the platform to spread disinformation, sabotage democracy, and influence politics. 

To segue the issues, Facebook launched a set of tools to bring transparency and brand safety to its users amidst allegations.

The new set of brand safety tools

The following are the tools Facebook have released: 

  • New brand safety partner Zefr is now Facebook’s brand safety partner. Its role is to create future brand safety control and tools.
  • Dynamic content sets –  Facebook uses whitelisting tools that allow brands to update and adjust videos available to advertisers. The company team up with Integral Ad Science, OpenSlate, Zefr to achieve this.
  • Account-level settings – sections such as Business Manager and Ads Manager can now create blocklists, obtain delivery reports, and set inventory filters at the account-level. This opposes in applying these settings one campaign at a time.
  • Publisher white lists – whitelist control for advertisers in Audience Network and in-stream ads. This allows advertisers to white-list certain publishers for ad placement.
  • Improved delivery reports – advertisers are now allowed to search by account ID or publisher without having to download it first. Content-level information will soon be added by Google for this report soon.

These new set of brand safety tools give advertisers controls to the placement and context in which their ads are delivered.  It could be in in-stream, Instant Articles, or via Audience network. These controls are the earlier brand safety initiatives Facebook has offered. 

What does this mean for you

This new set of tools is intended to give advertisers and marketers the edge to know over how, where, and in what publisher inventory their ads appear in. 

Facebook is making moves to keep its advertisers feeling safe despite the issues thrown at the social media company. Advertisers and brands are still keen on teaming up with Facebook as their advertising platform because the massive audience of almost 2.5 billion users can’t be dismissed.

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