Facebook Made a Dating Feature

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Facebook can now make matches for you from your Facebook groups, the same Facebook events you go to, and more. Are you concerned yet?

Facebook dating launched in the US recently and, many are pointing out the red flags that come with it. 

How does it work?

Facebook Dating is within the Facebook app and the feature says it won’t share your dating info on your newsfeed. Your friends won’t know that you’re using the dating service unless you choose to. The ones who will see your dating profile are only the people suggested to you, the ones you’ve suggested, and the ones you added as crushes. 

Knowing that not everyone is in the dating scene, Facebook made the dating service an opt-in experience. This means that Facebook won’t make profiles for users who are not interested. If the user wants to stop the dating service, he/she can just delete the dating profile right away. 

Once your profile is up, others will only see your name and age. Information such as gender, who you’re interested in, and others are kept private. 

Previous data privacy issues 

Over a month ago, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission fined the social media giant for $5 billion due to privacy lapses and was given a modified corporate structure that the company has to adhere to in making decisions regarding user privacy matters. 

This week, the company’s lack of a strict privacy system caused millions of phone numbers from Facebook users’ to be exposed to third-party servers. The said exposed serve had over 419 million records from various databases including 18 million records from the U.K., 133 million from the US, and 50 million records from Vietnam. This happened because the server was left unprotected and without a password. This is troubling at best when users are trusting the platform to help their dating life by entrusting the platform with more information.

Facebook Dating is a new way for people to connect in exchange for their data. Using this feature, a user allows Facebook to have access to sensitive information like your friends, your crushes, what you want from a partner, and others. 

Facebook is monetizing the dating service

Facebook shared that they are monetizing the data service. As of now, the leading social media platform is making revenue through advertising. Brands pay Facebook in exchange for the data that the company collects. The data are collected when users click their ‘like’ button, the click ads, and other means. The data collected by Facebook from the dating service is assumed to be available for third party brands and advertisers to make an improved target marketing.

As far as users are concerned this might be an easy jump to the dating platform. While this could be an opportunity for marketers to find more users that align with a client’s target demographics, users should consider how valuable their data is.

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