Facebook Adds to their E-commerce Offerings

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Facebook pushes into e-commerce by bringing their businesses into a single store accessible by both Facebook and Instagram. 

Image credits: Facebook

E-commerce sales have shot up since the pandemic. With that in mind, Facebook added a new method for businesses to put up their stores for free that will be accessible on Facebook and Instagram. Prior to the announcement, Facebook made a report on small businesses how they are doing especially in the past few months.

Based on a survey by Facebook and Small Business Roundtable, there are about 86,000 owners, managers, and workers who are working for various companies all over the US. these companies are struggling to thrive, the crisis has struck down their ability and now, their struggle is felt by the nation’s economy. Almost a third of these businesses have shut down, for even smaller companies, over half of them have closed their doors. 

Push towards e-commerce

In a live-steam with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he said that e-commerce will be an important factor in rebuilding the economy. Without the capacity to open their physical stores and receive foot traffic, the online venue is the next best option to still keep them open. With e-commerce, these businesses can take orders and have them shipped to people. More businesses, regardless of size, have turned to online businesses for the first time. 

The Facebook shop 

Facebook shops allow businesses to get online presence and set up their online stores that both accessible on Facebook and Instagram. Businesses can pick the products they want to feature and they can also customize their shop in a way that would emphasize their brand. 

The new Facebook shops is found via the business’ Facebook Page or Instagram profile. It can also be discovered through ads and Stories. This is a new way for customers to discover more products and brands. While Facebook Shops has rolled out today, Instagram shops will not be available until this summer. 

What does this mean for you?

Shutting down is never an option for many businesses. Some have thrived but even then, it’s still difficult. With Facebook shops, they can put up their online shops, upload their catalogs and product list, and customize their shop depending on their brand. Facebook has announced that this feature is for free. Businesses now have another avenue to connect to their customers in a method that’s convenient for both parties. 

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