DoubleVerify Releases Authentic Performance to Ensure Ad Effectiveness

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Authentic Performance can analyze over 50 data points from consumer’s interaction with digital ads and devices in real-time.

DoubleVErify announced the launch of its new solution for data measurement called Authentic Performance. This data measurement solution provides predictive data to businesses and marketers to improve their campaign performance and further increase their consumer engagement. Several clients of DV already used the new data measurement solution including the global brand Mondelez. The business is using the beta version of Authentic Performance to analyze and optimize their campaigns. 

Authentic Performance solution

DV has been providing solutions across the digital ad environment since 2008 and many companies have been able to take advantage of DV’s digital solutions to expand their reach. The solutions also helped many companies create resonating campaigns by using the data evaluated and analyzed. 

Authentic Performance assesses the entire ads’ presentation and also measures its intensity in certain aspects such as viewing time, screen-sharing, and audio performance. Other factors such as user-initiated events that occur between the device and its user interaction are also analyzed. 

Wayne Gattinella, the CEO of DoubleVerify mentioned that “Authentic Performance addresses a brand’s dilemma in performance measurement and actionability.”  He further added that today’s tools are either fast and simple with measurements such as “viewability” and click-through rate (CTR). While others are advanced with “data reported post-campaign.” 

These new marketing tools are expected to bring in positive results to global brands as it boosts not only their clarity of work but also their confidence in their digital expenditures. Advertisers will have more data and faster time to analyze the data available. 

This will them monitor which ad works and which one underperformed and which ones work fine. They can fine-tune their underperforming ads and replicate the ads that perform better. 

DV’s vision in creating the tool

As digital expenditures continue to rise, DoubleVerify hopes for the new tool for global advertisers to help maximize ROI and yield positive results. DV also believes that Authentic Performance will predict and analyze ad campaigns, in reality, allowing marketers to create worthy ad content. It also speaks for a brand’s dilemma in performance measurement and functionality.  

Digital ads are everywhere and it’s effectiveness have been proven multiple time. Aside from the fact that it is cost-efficient, it also reaches more customers compared to traditional marketing methods. Creating a solution for its continuous success is DV’s outlook turned to reality.

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