CHEQ Joins the PPC Market for Ad Fraud Prevention

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CHEQ is the first company to offer a cyber security-based platform for ad prevention for both paid search and paid social. 

CHEQ has always been centering its efforts on ad fraud prevention but this year, the company is intending to expand its reach tp ad verification solutions. Recently, it rolled out an ad solution for paid social and search advertising channels. The service is called CHEQ PPC and its goal is to aid companies to avoid losing large amounts of money due to ad fraud.

CHEQ’s Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Avital wrote in an email that this new platform provides click prevention from almost all the major paid-search platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and paid social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, Pinterest, and more. 

The advertising fraud

Ad fraud is a deliberate activity that manipulates the delivery of ad content and keeps its serving to the targeted audience. There are several types of ad fraud: Cookie Stuffing, Traffic Fraud, Impression Fraud, Click Fraud, Action Fraud, Conversion Fraud, Retargeting Fraud, and Affiliate Fraud. The most common type is cookie stuffing which is used in affiliate marketing frauds. This type misleads audience information and disrupts the results of the whole ad campaign. 

Advertisers and marketers would get their ad performance and see a good turnout. Due to the good report, advertisers would let the ad campaign run for some time until the business starts losing money.

What does this mean?

Ad fraud has always been a problem for marketers and advertisers. Year after year, many businesses lose billions of ad spend due to fraud and malicious activities that mess up their ad campaign results. As reported by MediaPost, almost 14% of ad clicks are fraudulent. A small number but causes billions of dollars in lost ad spend. It’s expected that $3.8 billion will be lost on PPC campaigns by the end of the year. With the digital age and e-commerce, ad campaigns have taken front and center in terms of widening a brand’s reach.

With CHEQ PPC, brands and advertisers will be able to scale their ad campaigns and see how their ads are performing. The services offered by CHEQ are focused on brands, e-commerce platforms,  media agencies, SaaS agencies, and other companies that are spending their dollars on any of these media. 

CHEQ is but one of the companies that aim to protect businesses against ad frauds. You can also try ClickCease, Click Guard, among others. 

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