Boost Your Snapchat’s Conversion Strategy

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Snapchat isn’t just for sharing your short videos, it’s also a platform for achieving business goals.

Snapchat has 200 million daily users worldwide making it one of the biggest digital platforms around. Despite Snap having a massive number of users, marketers have been hesitant to use a portion of their ad spend due to the misconception that reaching an audience can be difficult. Brands reservations also stem from the platform’s lack of ability to track conversion but that’s changed now. 

However, some big brands were able to break through the barrier such as Gatorade and Warby Parker. These brands are now making an excellent return due to their Snapchat marketing campaigns. 

Here are some suggestions –  

Invest in branded lenses and filters

Snapchat lenses and filters build hype and increase engagement. The filters are premade and are added to your Snapchat photo while the lenses are AR to change one’s appearance and voice. 

Using filters and lenses make your posts funnier and more in the loop. It’s a great way for brands to invite and users to check out your brand thus improving brand awareness and presence. 

One great example of this is Gatorade’s use of geo-filter that enabled users to pour drinks of their heads. The Superbowl fans enjoyed their game experience and built up more excitement due to that branded geo-filter. The excitement was apparent with over 160  million impressions on Snapchat. 

Track Your Insights

Its Snapchat Insights, which is fairly new, is a huge help for brands to check how their ads and contents are doing. Users have access to detailed information about their content. 

Always check the metrics that matter:

  • Number of story views
  • Length of time that viewers watched your content
  • Daily numbers of users reached
  • The age range of the target audience 

The results of these analytics will help you refine your marketing strategy and reach your niche audience. It’s also a huge help when making targeting campaigns. 

2 replies
  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    Very interesting. It seems as though Snapchat is very much used by 16-24 year olds. Do you think that this is a good platform for businesses to try and sell their services even if the platform is used by young’ns?

    • Ford Edwards
      Ford Edwards says:

      Most definitely, keeping customers who are already brand loyal in the fold is important, but advertising on Snapchat is especially important if the companies’ target demographics use the app.


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