Methods for Boosting Podcast SEO

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Boosting SEO in practical ways

Podcasts have had a major resurgence over the past few years. Over half the U.S. population has listened to a podcast at some point, and it seems that technology is continuing to further the medium.  Here are some ways to stay current with Podcast SEO practices.  

Podcasts can help businesses prosper by giving listeners insight into a company’s industry or their organization. Podcasts provide an easy format for people who are on the go, providing more opportunities for listening. Optimizing your podcast creates a higher view of your podcast from an audience standpoint, which in turn could help to promote the content.  

Title… TBD

Hello and welcome back to… What goes in that space needs to be something that is easily identifiable.  Not only for the audience but also for the algorithms that run the audio streaming platforms. It’s important for the title to be like a good punchline, something you don’t have to explain. Though it’s important to not lean into a keyword-heavy title.  

Create breaks throughout the podcast

Whether it’s to break up the content into bite-sized pieces, or to add in ad placements, giving listeners a chance to ingest the content can keep the audience from getting overwhelmed. One of the benefits of a podcast is the ability to pick up where you left off. This is made even easier if the podcast has breaks to separate aspects of the conversations.

Be clear

As podcasts have gained popularity, the tech behind the new-age talk shows has improved.  Apple really created Podcasting in 2004, but companies like Google are working to further the medium. For Instance, Google’s Natural Languages machines take the audio from podcasts, and analyze it “to reveal the structure and meaning of the text.” Google then takes this data and pulls out keywords from the audio.  This is harder for the AI to do when the audio isn’t crisp or the speaker isn’t speaking clearly.

What did they say?

You might think, wait why do I need to write down what they said if I recorded it? How can transcribing a podcast help with SEO? explains that transcribing solves alternative problems that you might not think of initially. When mediums cover their bases and optimize their platform to make for a better user experience search engines will push that platform forward.  When searching for an episode in your favorite podcast have you ever searched for a quote from the episode to no avail? Additionally creating searchable transcriptions per episode provides Google bots with another opportunity to pull keywords, boosting searchability.   

Stay informed with trends 

Utilizing topics that are receiving a lot of buzz will help to boost the searchability of your podcast. This not only helps to dictate the content that is being created but creating content on newsworthy information sets your source as the expert. Additionally, it’s important to link your podcast back to the material you’re referencing.    

Being present on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most heavily trafficked sites. Google owns YouTube, the video-sharing platform is typically one of the first options when making a Google search. Not only does sharing the podcast on Youtube provides a different method of listening for users, but it also gives Google another piece of content to analyze to provide users with better results.

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