Local Guides Provide More Than Reviews

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Local Guide recommendations available in ‘For You” tab

It was released in July that Google was working to be more competitive in promoting local business by upgrading local ads. To further stake their claim as the expert for recommendations Google is testing a feature that positions Local Guides as the local expert. During the testing of this feature guide’s recommendations will appear in a ‘For You’ tab within select cities.  

As it stands the verdict is still out on what review platform that is best for users and business owners. On one hand, Yelp holds the number 1 spot for checking reviews.  While on the other hand, positive reviews on Google help boost SEO as well as improve calls, clicks, and ranking.    

To help widen the gap between the two services Google wants to further utilize its Local Guides and set itself as the local expert. Currently, Google boasts 120 million Local Guides across 24,000 cities. Google recently invited 200 of their most active guides to provide information to Google’s team. Based on this feedback, Google decided to create this p2p recommendation system.     

While Local Guide recommendations haven’t reached the local level just yet here are the cites the feature will be tested in – 

  • Bangkok 
  • Delhi 
  • London
  • Mexico City 
  • New York 
  • Osaka 
  • San Francisco 
  • São Paulo 
  • Tokyo

Local Guides will appear in the ‘For You’ tab and users will be able to follow Guides’ recommendations. Following the guide, feeds provides new experience seekers with a feed of options from local experts. If users are traveling they can find all the favorite local restaurants based on recommendations, and if they’re local, they can get the inside scoop on new sites.  

Making sure that your business is optimized within Google’s platform can help to improve users’ interactions with your brand’s image. If this new feature is rolled out on a larger scale it will add to the importance of an active presence on Google’s platform.

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