Google Rolls Out Site Kit Plugin for WordPress Sites

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Google’s version 1.0 for Site plugin for WordPress is out of beta after six months. 

Google officially launched its Site Kit plugin for WordPress where website owners can see their site’s insights including how visitors use their sites. Data available for site users include Search Console, Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Tag Manager, Optimize, and AdSense. All of these can be seen directly in the WordPress console once the Site Kit plugin is installed. Site owners need not go through the ordeal of source code editing to see their site analytics

Previews are available per data and individual report pages are available so that site owners can see the performance of specific contents. Google said that it simplified the Site kit for more efficient user flow and for owners to monetize their content a lot easier. 

Who can install the Site Kit plugin?

According to Google’s post, Site Kit is for WordPress site owners who want to see how their site is performing. The Site Kit allows users to access important stats directly from their WP dashboard the moment they sign in. 

Developers now will have access to Google’s insights rather than copying data from multiple servicers when making reports for clients. The Site Kit will also allow other individuals who have access to the data to see the relevant information and stats. 

The main features of the Site Kit are the following: 

  • The main dashboard – the dashboard presents the stats in a glance such as the traffic sources, your most popular content, what people are looking for in your site. 
  • Individual page stats – Every aspect from your site has individual reports. You can type out the URL of the content you want to check out in the search bar of the main dashboard to be directed to the specific report. 
  • Admin bar stats – This allows users to see their stat even when browsing other pages. 
  • Milestone notification – Users will be notified of any milestones in your site. 

What does this mean for you? 

Site owners can see their stat in one neat report. They can check their site’s performance, down to every piece of content they have on in the site. The plugin will make it easier for owners to see what content is doing great and which ones need improvement. By looking at the report, users will see what users are searching for and with this information, admins can craft content to better suit the users.

Using these news tools admins will be able to improve their digital content and potentially increase their site’s marketability. 

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