Google Adapts to Cookie Restrictions and Data Privacy

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“We expect more changes are coming, and it’s not entirely clear to what extent our digital marketing practices will need to evolve,” says Google.

Google as a digital marketing company faced the same privacy and data-constrained challenges all marketing companies are experiencing. The company wrote an explanation as to how it deals with the cookie-data and tracking challenges.

The marketing platform is trying to balance personalization and privacy as it is also designed to provide instructions for other digital marketers.

Challenges Google faces and how they responded

Google faced the following three major challenges in the new privacy-sensitive setting:

  • Audience targeting – this includes a greater cookie and third party data restrictions thus it is hard to create lists for the target market.
  • Ad frequency – there is a need to ensure that ads are not shown too many times despite the less use of cookie data.
  • Ad performance and attribution with less available data.

The company provided precautionary measures to address the said issues. Google relied on its first-hand party data to respond to cookie restrictions. It also uses machine learning and predictive models to prevent users to be too much exposed to ads.

“When people show interest in certain products by visiting the Google Store’s website…and have given us consent where appropriate — we can use that data to inform the ads we show them in the future, ” says Google. The company also uses context to accurately match personalized ads to users that didn’t indicate their preferences and interests.

The platform further explained in a blog post that it uses its traffic patterns to analyze data with a third-party cookie across its Google Ad Manager publishers. Its system then creates models from these data to predict traffic patterns when it is not available.

Google forms an exclusive team

The marketing platform and digital marketing company created an internal team to provide solutions to the challenges it faced. Their focus is more on privacy, regulation, and the impact of the changes on the marketing strategies of the company. Their mission is to forecast how the impact of each scenario affects the company’s campaigns and develop a game plan for how they would respond.

Google remains positive

The company is ready to war against the privacy storm as it has a wide range of scale data and technology advantages among others. It is also the largest media company, therefore, no one can hinder its developments as it has various ways to find resources.

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