From Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising

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Microsoft has renamed their ad platform yet again 

Bing ads is gone and Microsoft Ads has taken its place. The benefits to Microsoft Ads is their access to automation services, AI, and big data.  The name change marks a new chapter for Microsoft. Moving forward, Microsoft will be focusing on AI and its implementation in personalized ads, and connecting businesses with their data.

Personalization has been a big push across ad platforms.  Whether that means peer-to-peer marketing or investing in Influencers to sell a product advertisers are working to make ads more specific to their audiences.

 Microsoft explains, “ it’s no longer just reaching more people that matters to growing your brand. It’s about making each connection feel one-to-one, at just the right time and place. More meaningful, more timely, and more valuable — this is how we see advertising evolving.” 

Through AI Microsoft wants to protect user privacy and control of their information.  In the coming future Microsoft plans to launch more ad products with AI wired into the framework of the products.  Last year Microsoft has released the Microsoft Audience Network.

Since its release last year, the company has been working on updates to, “help marketers reach consumers in brand-safe environments.” The updates include product enhancements with viewable impressions, image upload and management tools, and later this summer, the service will soon be expanding to the UK and Canada.  

Though Bing isn’t apart of the advertising moniker Microsoft reassures, “Bing remains the consumer search brand in our portfolio, and will only become more important as intent data drives more personalization and product innovation.” 

Microsoft is making strides to carve out a place for themselves in the Ad space, they are still a smaller player in the grand scheme.  While Microsoft works with half a million advertisers, just within story ads in Facebook there are 3 million advertisers, and Google exceeded a Million advertisers in 2009.  

As with any marketing effort advertisers need to see the whole scope of options to better serve clients. While Microsoft doesn’t have a huge user base trends in advertising are in a constant flux. Stay tuned for updates on Microsoft’s ad efforts and check out this article on Instagram’s release of ads on the platform’s discover page.  

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