Change of Address Tool Launches in New Search Console

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Google moved the ‘Change of Address’ tool to the Search Console Interface and SEO experts are happy about it. 

Sites using SEO depends on this tool as it’s a way for them to notify Google when their website is moved from one domain to another. Notifying Google helps the site’s ranking positions in search results. 

New ‘Change of Address’ tool

According to Google, the tool is useful with moving a website from one domain or subdomain to another. Google prepared detailed instructions on when to use and not to use the new tool. This Change of Address tool was also available in the old Seach Console but when Google shut down the old interface, they decided to just transfer it to the new one. 

As mentioned earlier, this tool is helpful because it’s a way for site owners to communicate with Google whenever a new site has been moved. The tool tells Google of the domain change and Google will direct search results from your old domain to the new one. This means that no matter how many times you change your domain, as long as Google is notified about it, your search ranking position remains to be safe. 

This tool checks out the process and ensures that you’ve done all the required steps to transfer a domain. Additionally a walkthrough of the entire process is also provided making this easier for site owners. When the pre-work is done, Google will then be notified of the change of address. 

When you’re migrating your site 

Here are some of Google suggests when moving sites:

  • When combining multiple sites into one site, move the sites one at a time to avoid confusion and traffic loss. 
  • As much as possible, keep the same site architecture in the new location to pass signals more directly. A different site architecture may result in traffic loss since Google still has to relearn the new site and assess the pages. 

What does this mean?

SEOs and webmasters use a ‘change of address’ when they’re trying to transfer a site from one URL to another. Brands sometimes undergo changes in their websites and this may include a new domain to cater to the needs of their customers and to their digital expansion. In that event, brands need not worry whether their audiences may be directed to their old site or their new site. 

Whenever the new URL is typed or your products and services are searched, they will be led to your new page. 

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