Audit Your Content to Stay on Top

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Have you checked your content lately? You must if you want to stay on top of your niche. 

Content marketing is a strategy that’s used to get meaningful user engagement. Start-up companies and eve the bigger ones equip their websites with high-quality content including blog posts, videos, and infographics to stay on top of their game. 

However, content marketing isn’t only about putting content on your site, it’s also about regularly auditing them. Auditing your content can help to highlight underperforming content and get new ideas for editorial changes. It is also a good way to see the content that resonates most with your audience. 

What is a content audit?

The content audit evaluates the performance of your website for a specific length of time. The audit includes SEO tools and social media reports. A content audit is also a way to check if your site content is following the in-house style guides and brand guidelines. It can also check the word count, keyword focus, grammar, spelling, and voice, and tone. 

How often should you audit?

The frequency of the audit depends on your type of content. Generally, an annual content audit is highly suggested. 

Types of a content audit 

  • Awareness content audit every 6 months – It takes three to six months for a post to begin ranking in Google in its top 3 pages. Traffic at that time comes from social media, existing users, or paid advertising. You need to revisit your content after six months to review its performance and review the success of the goals that were set. 

You can check the page views, time spent on pages, social shares, comments, backlinks, and unique visitors. 

  • Consideration content audit every 3-6 months – How to guides are often the most popular content in websites. Doing this content can result in fast user conversion gives you the time to adapt to the shifts in users’ behaviors and needs. 

You can check out unique visitors, time on page, bounce/exit rate, assisted conversion, social share, trust flow, and pageviews. 

  • Conversion content quarterly – For e-commerce sites that earns thousands of conversions a day, a quarterly audit is recommended. This is a good time frame to spot the data trends in your niche. 

You can check the pageviews segmented by paid/organic/direct, unique visitors, time on page, goals/conversions, and bounce/exit rate. 

  • Retention content annually – Contents like tips and tricks and upcoming products have low engagement due to the target market. 

You can check unique visitors, page views, social shares, backlinks, conversion/goals, assisted conversions, and bounce/exit rate. 

Marketing strategies aren’t a game of chance, with the right plan of action and the use of these tips marketers can find and retain an audience. Marketers and advertisers must set some time and schedule content audit on their site. 

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