Quora’s New Feature for Advertisers

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(Advanced Match and Conversion Windows) for advertisers to measure their conversions accurately. 

Quora’s new feature was announced last Wednesday. Quora now gives advertisers the opportunity to connect with their audiences more. It is best to generate demands and interest in businesses’ products. With two new features, Quora enables advertisers to measure their mid-funnel ad performance. 

Advanced Match 

This new tool enables advertisers to change and modify their Quora Pixel code to secure hashed email from Quora ads. Advertisers now have the choice to follow conversion across various devices and Quora won’t track cookies. Using the advanced match, advertisers’ cost for conversion decreases and they will have a better chance of optimizing their campaigns. 

Quora did a pilot test for the said feature and the results have shown positive growth in their conversions. 

This tool is especially helpful for businesses with complicated sales cycles or companies with higher costs per acquisition. These companies will be able to accurately measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and see how they can improve optimization While also having the ability to create strategies that would cater to larger audiences. 

Conversion Windows 

The next tool allows businesses to get a good grasp of their customers’ journeys. It also lets advertisers measure their ad interaction and the time it took for every ad interaction to counted as a conversion. The conversion windows show a 1-90 days click-through or 1-30 day click-through. There is also the default 28-day click-through which is automatically applied if the advertisers don’t pick a specific conversion window. 

As per its advertising policy, Quora aims to give a better experience for its users and advertisers. The platform wants to help advertisers to create effective campaigns that reach their target customers. The goal is that businesses’ products and services can be shown to people who truly need it. Keeping this in mind Quora continues to look for ways to offer better services for its advertisers. 

Quora has 300 million active users monthly and to capitalize on this the site released three additional targeting options last year. The company’s ad platform is smaller and newer than others, but it’s becoming more competitive with updates and new features. 

What does this mean for you?

Both tools are important to measure how your business is doing in terms of tracking conversions and will additionally be helpful when advertisers are making ad campaigns. Quora’s new feature can give marketers have a better idea of how to improve and optimize their campaigns. 

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