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Chase Bank & Buzzfeed throw Knicks Fans a Pizza Party

Deviating from the expected realms of marketing can really help brands to stand out to consumers. In the best cases, brands can create a lot of buzz around their company and in the worst, it can be a detriment to their bottom line. One company that is great at creating “Buzz” through this sort of marketing is Buzzfeed. In a recent tasty plan, Chase Bank and BuzzFeed joined forces to set up a Knicks theme, Pop-up Pizza joint to commemorate New York Knicks coming back to the court. Based out of a Speedy Romeo in Manhattan, New Yorkers can get a slice from November 8th – November 22nd.  

Post Funnel describes Guerrilla Marketing as, “Guerrilla Marketing is… a unique, intriguing way to surge your brand exposure and sales by generating impactful buzz that people can’t resist exploring.” There are plenty of examples of aggressive marketing that did more harm than good. Though Buzzfeed has attempted a few eye-catching stunts with the partnership of varying brands they seem to have all landed well with their respective audiences.

Buzzfeed is known for pioneering digital native advertising, weaving products into their content to better advertise products. Pushing past videos on how to make Oreo Cheesecake, Buzzfeed is creating tangible brand integrations that consumers can enjoy. Some examples of these include partnerships with Delta, Petco, and Now Chase Bank.   

At the pop-up pizza joint, Chase cardholders will enjoy perks like two tables for walk-ins, a free slice of pizza for every one they buy, and free merch for the first twenty pie connoisseurs. Events have also been planned for fans of Chase Bank and the Knicks. Speeding dating and trivia, are just some of the events in the works. 

Chase has sponsored the team for the last decade. TrendHunter quoted Kate Schoff, executive director of sports and entertainment at JPMorgan Chase, who stated, “This was a great opportunity to get outside of the arena and do something a little bit different. We looked at things that make New York iconic, which include pizza and basketball.”

The shop will be serving up New York themed slices with names like “The Garden” and “I’m Walking Here.” There’s a whole new crop of rookies coming to the NBA team and Chase whats to help build buzz around the team with an iconic New York trope.  Jake Bronstein, Head of Partner Innovation at BuzzFeed stated, “We wanted to create an experience that brings together old school nostalgia and the current hype, and gives Knicks fans an opportunity to connect with each other in a way that channels the energy and spirit of New York.” 

Buzzfeed has been at the head of brand integrations and continues to bring innovative ideas to the table that can really be implemented at any point in a business’ growth.  

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