YouTube Dives into Ad Formats for TV Screens

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The shift of viewing experience from mobile devices to TV screens has Youtube updating its tools and advertiser insights for its advertisers. 

More and more people are watching video content using their connected TVs as opposed to their mobile devices. Due to this shift, YouTube has updated its TV screen ad options to allow advertisers to adjust their ad strategies and campaigns accordingly. The platform has added several tools to help advertisers benefit from the rapid increase in TV screen streaming. 

Image Credits: Edgy Universe

TV screen streaming

According to a Comscore report, more than 70 million US households are now using their connected TV screen to consume video content. This shift is very much visible on YouTube and YouTube TV than on any other platform. In the same report, Comscore pointed out that YouTube has the most viewing hours and highest reach of all ad-supported streaming services with a jump of 80% year over year in March this year. 

Brands and advertisers are now in a good spot as they can keep their ads and keep them coming and expanding to accommodate the increase of viewership in the platform. 

Brand Lift for TV streaming

The feature will now be launched for YouTube TV  in the coming months, wrote Debbie Winstein, VP of GLobal Video & YouTube Solutions. Brand Lift is a solution that measures important metrics including brand awareness, ad recall, and consideration. 

Skippable ad formats 

Another thing coming to YouTubeTV this year is the skippable ads. These typically appear before or in the middle of the videos. These ads run for 5 seconds before the users have the chance to click skip. Advertisers will only pay if users let the ad play for 30 seconds or if they play it until the end. With skippable ads, the price depends on impressions along with Target CPM, Target CPA, and Maximize Conversions. 

What does this mean for you?

Brands and advertisers need to be one step ahead or at least be in on the trend and the changing attitude of their customers and potential customers. The change of viewing pattern has allowed brands to reach out to people on a wider scale. Using new tools and formats, brands will be able to gauge how they are going to adjust their ad budgets. Marketers will be able to make informed decisions on how to optimize their streaming campaigns in real-time. 

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