Use Amazon to Your Advantage

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Amazon is not only a platform for selling products but also for building reputations as well and retailers need to see that.

The Amazon Marketplace has spent years creating partnerships with third-party retailers who list their products on the service, and of course once the object is purchased the e-commerce retailer takes over dispersing the products.  Amazon Marketplace has made the company a better avenue to brick-and-mortar retailers. Forbes reported Jeff Bezos released that half of the products sold on the service are sold through these third-party retailers. 

The great thing about this is that Amazon has become the go-to search engine when it comes to product searches, beating Google in the process. 

Retailers can win on Amazon – how?

Studies have shown that the majority of product inquiries are not found through searches regarding brands. Most searches are generic. With that in mind, it creates possibilities for small brands that don’t have a huge footprint. So within Amazon third-party retailers have to make their products look as attractive to Amazon that they can.  

Optimize for search

Business owners can use Amazon to promote their local industries by using Amazon as the e-commerce arm of their business. Brands can do this by optimizing their product’s titles and product category descriptions. This will help their wares appear more readily. Since consumers on Amazon are looking for a generic product, not the brands themselves, sellers can beef up their products. They can promote their wares by including brief, but informative, descriptions of the product, what it does, how many are available, and any important details that customers need. This will help to give those listing products an advantage over their counterparts. 

It’s also vital for sellers to research Amazon backend keywords, these are the keywords that you can use so that your products appear on the search list. You may have to improve your visual presentation as well. It’s important to use clear images that allow shoppers to see detailed comparisons. 

Use Amazon advertising

Amazon is now a threat to Facebook and Google’s online advertising. Over the years as Amazon has launched a series of ways that businesses can advertise.  Rob Sieracki from Practical Ecommerce explains, “If you have the Buy Box for your product and you’re relevant to the search query you’re targeting, Sponsored Products act as an important shortcut. You can selectively push your top-performing products, and, also, get traction on new listings more quickly.”


Customer reviews on Amazon are important as they increase the likelihood of your products being bought. Unfortunately, there are other brands that hire people to make fake comments and leave positive reviews on their products. Though there are services like Fakespot, which can help to sniff out fake reviews. 

Instead of trying to work against online services like Amazon, Sellers can work with the e-commerce giant to gain more profit and a larger following through a bigger platform to display their products on.  

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