Toys R Us Taps Target For A New Website

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 Toys R Us partners up with Target to launch its new website. 

Toys R Us faced some major financial struggles last year but are now trying to get back to their feet with new partnerships including Target. Target announced a partnership with the toy company to help it relaunch the site This deal will give the toy company an online presence since they’ve filed for bankruptcy.

Richard Barry, Tru Kids’ CEO shared that Target was tapped to be the partner company since they already have good command in the toy business. Aside from that, Target also has a strong supply chain and a clear understanding of how the toy industry works. 

The new website 

Barry added that the new site isn’t only for making purchases. It’s also expected to become a source for parents to look for the latest toys to buy for their children including the newest educational tools for kids. The site will also have video content and product reviews. 

“…the website is immersive and heavily content-oriented… One of the things we have been working on with the initial launch is to make the site very relevant for consumers this holiday season,” says Barry.

With Target backing the toy company, Toys R Us can focus their efforts on ensuring the success of their relaunching and secure their longevity in the industry. Target will then take over their online portion and brand dealings. 

What’s in it for Target?

Target has been expanding its investments in the toy industry. To prepare for the holiday season, Target added a quarter-million square feet to over 500 stores in the U.S. for their toy section. There are also some 100 branches that will get a remodeling to get a toy aisle. 

Last August, Target partnered up with Disney for their stores to have exclusive rights on selling Disney toys, apparel, and accessories. There have been 26 stores to date with more stores to open for the next year. 

This new partnership with Toys R Us’ mother company, TRU KIDS will further Target’s reach into the toy industry. Nikhil Nayar, Target’s senior VP of marketing said that this partnership will accelerate their business. 

Online presence for brands

Toys R Us knows that online presence is imperative to keep the business going. The online marketing industry is important for businesses, as it has a huge influence on how consumers, make their purchasing decisions. 

Advertisers and brands best make their investments for digital presence in order to become competent in their industries.

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