Tagboard Helps Reddit Broadcast Content

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Reddit content can now be transitioned into a wider audience.

Reddit made a deal with Tagboard that is the first of its kind. Tagboard is expected to help companies get more of their content by transitioning content to mainstream platforms such as TV broadcasts, stadiums, and other platforms. The NFL Network and TEGNA are already using this integration. 

Reddit isn’t the only social media that tagboard is partnering with. Tagboard is also working with other tech companies such as Twitter, Eventbrite, and Snapchat. Tagboard was rolled out in 2011 and is now at the 147th on the GreekWire 200 list for the startup companies in Pacific Northwest. 

Reddit expands its reach beyond the web page

Partnering up with Tagboard allows Reddit to show its unique content outside the web. This includes its infamous AMA (Ask me Anything) recaps, popular comment threads, memes, and others. Reddit is famous for its breaking news stories. Tagboard’s broadcasting capabilities, the news can be transitioned to the masses even quicker.

Tagboard has a wide web of connections. TEGNA on its own has 62 stations across 51 markets. It reaches up to 39% of TV households in all of the U.S. 

According to Reddit, this partnership is the first effort of the company in content sourcing space. This team-up allows over 250 big global broadcast entities to capitalize on the ideas of Redditors.

What does this mean for Reddit?

Reddit has been steady with its popularity among users. It’s continually evolving to cater to the interest of its users and to encourage other people to use it. Due to this partnership, it seems like Reddit could see a boost for its platform.

This could be good news for marketers and advertisers as well. Just last year, Reddit announced that it’s ready for advertisers and had plans for improving their video ad-offering for their advertisers. Don’t count Reddit out, they may be an older platform but they aren’t going anywhere.

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