Pop-up Ads Can Work

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With the right strategy, pop-up ads can actually be a very effective way to convince consumers.

Pop-up ads have been one of the most hated parts of online marketing. In fact, it is called the internet’s original sin. It is loathed by everyone in general as it is distracting, annoying, and interruptive. The inventor of pop-ads, Ethan Zuckerman posted a public apology as to its creation. 

However, despite the negative publicity, popup-ads still thrive and marketers use it for their marketing strategies. The problem with it though isn’t the ad but the timing that it pops up. Marketers who want to use pop-ads effectively need to know how to use it accurately. 

Disruptive advertising

Pop-ads interrupt users’ experience and force users to look at the ads as it appears suddenly whenever users have internet activity. This strategy, incidentally makes pop-up ads works well.

Advertisers find it hard to attract consumer’s attention toward their ads. This is one of the biggest problems in online advertising that causes a drop in their income. However, with the use of pop-up ads, the “interruption” with the user’s internet activity helps their ads to be noticed. Online advertisers won’t have to wonder whether consumers will see their ads because it will be definitely seen- even if the only interaction is trying to get rid of it.

The positive impact of pop-up ads

While users say they hate pop-up ads, their actions prove otherwise. On-site pop-ups of some businesses attract more clients as much as 7% of the users who viewed it. Some startups also use the same strategy to increase their email signups to up to 14x. Sumo, a tool to automate sites, analyzed 2 billion pop-up ads and reported that an average pop-up ad converted over 3% of viewers. 

While users are responding to pop-ups, advertisers still need to pull the right strategy while using them. Lousy pop-up experiences do not only leave a negative impression, but it also frustrates your site traffic.

How to create “likable” pop-ups? 

Good pop-ups need to offer enough value. Advertisers must remember that three-quarters of site traffic is instantly at risk when using the strategy. However, with enough value being offered, people don’t mind the interruptions if they will get something they want in exchange. 

People also mainly visit the website to gather information, a “window shopping”  in an online sense. Customers won’t be interested unless something will catch their attention. A pop-up with discounts inclusion will be the perfect strategy in this situation.

The problem with pop-up ads has never been the format. It is the approach that makes them work.

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