New Google ads and Updated Formats

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New Google ad formats

At the Google Marketing Live event the internet super-search engine announced the following ad products.  The goal of these updates is to address top-of-funnel improvements. Discovery ads, Gallery ads and then expanded reach for Showcase Shopping ads were detailed at GML.

All of these advancements are similar in that they are all “highly visual, appear across multiple Google properties and are all automated.”  Universal App Campaigns (now App Campaigns) are not a new feature, in fact it’s been a service since 2015, though it has been reapplied to these new Google offerings.  

In addition to these new ad formats, to be more competitive with Amazon, Google is also making upgrades to their online store Google Express.

Gallery Ads

Appearing at the top of mobile searches, these advertisement of four to eight scrollable images, and will include a 70 character max description per image.  Payment for this ad will be based off a CPC basis. This will be dependent on users swiping to at least the third page in the gallery or clicking through to a landing page. In either case the cost will be the same.  These ads aren’t currently available on a desktop format though they might be at a later date.

Based on trials, Google stated in a Blog post that these ads saw,”25% more interactions,” while in competition with other search ad formats. Though with the increased engagements Gallery ads are tested to receive, these ads may generate raised quality scores.  

Discovery Ads

Native ads are marketing materials that blend in with the source environment and are applicable to many google feed locations. During a recent press briefing Brad Bender Google VP of Product Management explained these ads are “visually rich, mobile first and use the ‘power of intent’” Meaning, Google takes past site visitation, viewed videos, apps downloaded, and map destinations, and compiles it to best target the user.

When starting a Discovery ad marketers upload images and copy, which Google optimizes through machine learning.  With a reach of 800 million users globally, Discovery ads will be available later this year and will then be available to marketers under the Google Discover feed.

Shopping Showcase Updates

In 2016 Google announced the shopping showcase, through this users could search nondescript inquiries such as “blue jeans” or “sofa pillows.” Through these non-branded searches retailers can advertise a select list of products. The newest update stipulates that these ads will carry over to Youtube and Discover feeds.   

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