Gaming Industry Leaders form Ampverse

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Four prominent business leaders created Ampverse to help brands and agencies build a partnership with the gaming and esports industry.

Ampverse is a new gaming firm made to connect brands and agencies to the gaming industry and esports audience. This initiative was spearheaded by the four leaders of South East Asia from different industries.

Ferdinand Gutierrez, then CEO of Havas Media Thailand and SEA Twitch head of marketing will be the new company’s CEO. Charlie Baillie, formerly connected with Universal Music and RhythmOne will be the CCO.  Matthias Beyer, Twitch regional director then will be the director of content and Surasak Winj will be the vice president of content. The four founding members will be supported by strategic advisors.

Capitalizing on the growth of the gaming market

Ampverse’s goal is to connect agencies to the gaming and esports industry and with good reasons. According to the company’s statement, the gaming market in South East Asia continues to grow. Just this year, it is expected to grow by 22% ($4.6billion). This number shows that gaming is one of the world’s fastest-growing gaming. It’s also expected that the number of gamers will increase to 400 million by 2021.

SEA’s gaming stage is huge and it’s growing. Ampverse saw this opportunity and built the company to bridge the gap between this huge gaming community and brands.

CEO Gutierrez shared that their goal is to help brands make meaningful and innovative content that speaks directly to gamers.

Breaking the stigma

Ampverse is facing a challenge especially with the misconceptions that brands have about gaming. Gutierrez said that brands think that the gaming industry is a hard shell to break. Brands have been careful and hesitant in using gaming as part of their marketing plans since it’s new. They disregard the field of potential customers just waiting to be tapped.

Why does this matter?

Gutierrez explained that Ampverse has already started to partner up with over 200 influencers which have led to campaigns that resulted in 80% of customers being repeat buyers. Further proving that gaming is new but it’s a great channel for brands to start investing into.

He suggested that brands must be authentic in their approach and understand that gaming although globally widespread, is one tight-knit community. Brands must create ads that will resonate with the gamers and allow them to make their own choices.

Ampverse is also putting much effort into their publishing and merchandising business that is scheduled to launch in the coming months.

For now, Ampverse only has offices in Singapore and Thailand but will be opened in more regions in the coming months. 

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