Cadbury Launches a Chocolate-EATertainment

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Cadbury combines Streaming and Chocolate

Cadbury teams up with Amazon Prime Video to develop and launch “EATertainment”, a free-to-access video streaming platform for the chocolate lovers. It is the world’s first video-on-demand (VOD) platform with premium content available only for Creme Egg fans.

EATertainment is developed by its creative agency Elvis making it the first non-broadcast channel campaign of the brand. It is a new direction for Cadbury to reach out to audiences as it purposefully produces a ‘heightened’ cream egg experience. The original content of the video streaming sat exclusively on Amazon Prime Hub.

EATertainment as a new direction

“With the launch of ‘Eatertainment’, we’re turning the Creme Egg eating experience into entertainment. We’re going to offer people the perfectly paired feast for their eyes and ears when they tuck into a tasty Cadbury Creme Egg,” says Raphael Capitani, the brand manager of Cadbury Creme Egg.

The Mondelez International brand said that the VOD platform will also host several cinematic short films based on heated debates on how to properly eat the Creme Egg, apparently, there are conflicting ideologies about it. 

Fans will experience these cinematic pieces of the original ‘EATertainment’ content that is written and produced by Amazon itself. These cinematic videos will be on Amazon Prime Hub and viewers will be directed to of the brand. The content will also be put across YouTube, Facebook, and IMDb. 

EATertainment will also offer an “all-you-can-EATertainment” premium option to viewers. This gives the audience access to additional bonus content as they will scan a Creme Egg product.

Cadbury’s venture to the video platform

Capitani and the team have been thrilled to reveal this ‘eggciting’ new direction for Cadbury Creme Egg in its partnership with Elvis. It teams up with Amazon to have a playful take on burgeoning space in the digital industry and to change its marketing strategy. 

James Hudson, the associate creative director at Elvis added thatConsumers today either want utility or entertainment – and increasingly ignore brands and ads that don’t deliver against this.” Cadbury Creme Egg acted as an entertainment brand rather than playfully wading into the streaming war. 

This is not just the brand’s way to promote its seasonal Easter treat. With the new strategy in the video-on-demand platform, Cadbury Creme Egg encourages its fans to eat with their eyes and ears. There is a feasible reason as to why Cadbury turns to video advertising as its new direction of attracting people.

Last year, brands and marketers have started to venture into interactive ads to further promote their brand and raise brand-awareness across platforms. Other social media that brands used were Snapchat and TikTok. The interactive ads will seemingly continue to this year. 

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