Brands Promote “Friends” 25th Anniversary

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Ralph Lauren is cashing in on the 25th anniversary of the show “Friends”

Pop culture, shows, and styles tend to find a new life after some time on the shelf. This is especially true for classic tv-show “Friends” and the styles within the show. As the 25th anniversary of the show comes around on September 22nd brands are partnering up with Warner Brothers to capitalize on the 25th Anniversary.  

As of the 18th, Ralph Lauren released their “wear-to-work clothing collection, based on “Friends” inspired clothing. The line takes inspiration from familiar clothing selections from characters like Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. Additionally, there’s a pair of leather pants that some fans may remember from an iconic episode. The items collection run from $39 – $2,998.

Though Ralph Lauren isn’t the only brand the is jumping on board with the reminiscent trends. For instance, Lego released a 1,070-piece model, complete with a mic and guitar of the iconic coffee shop Central Perk. Another company that has joined in on the trend is Pottery Barn.

“We are thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. to bring an inspired collection to life for FRIENDS fans,” a Pottery Barn spokesperson told Vox Again this company also is pulling from an iconic episode, where a piece of not so vintage furniture ends up in one of the apartments. Additionally, the home goods shop sells throw pillows and mugs the feature quotes from the show.

Though Pottery Barn’s mugs wouldn’t be complete without limited edition coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea. Darrin Kellaris, vice president of marketing, stated “At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we strive to create an environment that feels like home, where guests from across the world and across cultures have the opportunity to connect over things that they love.

Much like Central Perk is home to the cast of Friends, we hope that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf feels like home to our guests.” The Warner Bros and coffee chain partnership is available on Amazon and will run “Friends” fans about $10. 

Warner Brothers have done a great job making connections with businesses to promote the 25th anniversary. This integration is beneficial for both Warner Brothers and the companies that are creating products to promote the series. As Warner Brothers are planning to pull “Friends” from Netflix, any promotion for the show could influence whether or not entertainment streamers follow the series to its new home. 

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