Google Releases a New Customized Search and Social Discovery Site

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Google rivals Pinterest with its AI-powered app called Keen. 

An internal Google incubator, called Area 120, created an app called Keen. Keen was built by CJ Adams (Google’s Product Manager) and four other Area 120 employees. Their team collaborated with PAIR, People and AI Research. This team is behind the experimental apps of Google where, unfortunately, some don’t make a success. Its recent failed project was Shoelace, a social networking experiment that was shut down last April. The world was focused on the health crisis and thus, Shoelace wasn’t able to make that much noise. 

What is Keen?

This is a search and social discovery platform similar to that of Pinterest. Due to the similarities both apps share, Google is taking steps to reframe the app and differentiate it from the aforementioned app. Keen is expected to be a persistent tool that provides personalized search from various categories. 

First-time users will be shown a grid of public topics that they can explore. They can then save their preferred results from each keen or topic. The users can also create new keens based on their search queries. They have the freedom to either put their keen for public use by sharing it or keep it for themselves. The keen is divided into three sections – gems, explore, and search.  The gems have all of the users’ saved results, it can also be edited and updates. Adams said that Keen is facing a challenge such as the pressure of getting away with feeds and focusing on the users’ interests. 

Google has already released a number of social networks over the past, the most recent of which was Shoelace, and before that, Google, albeit with very little success. Keen is also a social media but more focused on getting peoples’ interests, social data, and other information. These data can be used for ad personalization for content across Google. It will be a useful tool for target advertising if it succeeds. 

What does this mean? 

Google is a tech giant and invests in apps that have potential. Keen is exactly that, it is a new platform that will be beneficial for marketers and advertisers if it makes it through despite competition. However, due to its newness, Google has to put more effort into making sure that people are aware of Keen and what it does. Without proper support, it may be just another project that the company will shut down. 

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