Responsive Search Ads Beta Now Open to All Advertisers

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Microsoft opened new doors for advertisers with this responsive search ads. 

The Responsive Search Ads were first introduced to us by Google last year. The format then offered more real estate when combined with the advertiser’s headlines and descriptions. The same system is used now. 

What is RSAs?

RSAs or responsive search ads allow advertisers to put up to 15 headlines and four descriptions for every ad in their web interface, editor, or bulk API. Advertisers can also import content from their existing RSAs within Google campaigns. 

This is an automatic system that identifies the best performing ads that you have and the underperforming ads aren’t shown again. The responsive search ads are efficient in a way that it adapts to your ad contents to match your potential audience. 

Advertisers can input up to 15 headlines but Microsoft suggested that inputting 8 – 10 headlines without similar phrases is the right move. Additionally, adding at least two descriptions that are also call-to-action phrases will help to promote how effective the ads are. It’s important for brands to ensure that the headlines and descriptions match regardless of the order. 

How can it help your brand?

RSAs are a great way to help with your search campaign. Among the most common benefits of it are the following: 

  • Efficiency – RSAs significantly lessen the workload because it automatically makes ad combinations, saving you time and space for A/B testing. 
  • It has the proper timing – with the use of responsive search ads, your ads adapt to your text ads to match what a customer is searching for. 
  • Improves ad performance – the RSAs system increases the click-through-rates and conversion rates. This means improved ad space and more. 

What should you know about responsive search ads?

With more headlines and descriptions provided, there are more combinations to me be automatically made. This means a higher probability for your ad to be more relevant. The system also has a strength widget that tells you how good your ads are performing. It can provide recommendations as well on how you can improve your ads.

Microsoft suggests that advertisers check their RSAs frequently from their combination reports page to see how their ads are doing. 

Google and Microsoft have both enabled responsive search ads for advertisers and it may soon become the standard in advertising. This beta allows advertisers to test out some of its features and get the thang of it before it rolls out officially. If you have queries, you can check out Microsoft’s help page for more.

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