Zoom a Giant in the Quarantined Community

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Zoom’s popularity soars as employees work from home

Zoom is taking the quarantined mass by storm. From premium to FREEmium, Zoom is proving to be in a great position to amass more and more users. Amid the rapid spread of coronavirus, more and more companies are implementing a work from home policy in accordance with the government’s issuance of city quarantines.

Companies that help battle boredom are seeing big increases now. Netflix, Peloton, and Blue Apron have all been avenues quarantiners have utilized to keep the boredom at bay. Zoom has been the key player that’s been getting much of the attention in the past week. 

Zoom has now been downloaded over 10 million times in the Google Play Store. A report from CNBC showed that Zoom has more monthly active users in the first quarter of 2020 than it did in the whole year of 2019. The company is expected to have a 74% year-on-year growth in paid users this year. 

From Premium to Freemium

With the new work from home policies, Zoom made a move that would prove to be beneficial for them. Zoom took down its 40 – minute limit for group meetings for schools and universities in several countries. Additionally, Zoom has launched a paid education plan. This plan allows meetings with over 300 people and added features such as transcription, recording, and other administrative tools. 

Surge of communication apps 

Communication apps such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, and Slack are all important platforms today.

Microsoft Teams reported another 12 million users just last week and increased its share to 4%. Since the surge Slack also reported a rise in paid customers. That has also caused its shares to soar. Zoom took on the competition and showed the most surge of users and usage in the first half of 2020. 

Since employees that work from home have drastically increased many have opted to open their premium features to non-paying subscribers. More collaboration between apps is expected, which will further accommodate the changing shifts of employees. 

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