YouTube Select will offer Marketers Access to a Wider Audience

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YouTube announced the new YouTube Select which will give marketers a much wider audience to reach out to.

The video-sharing platform is set out to help advertisers reach out to their audience and more. YouTube Select is a premium offer for advertisers to allow them to have access to a much wider audience of the platform. In the same vein, YouTube also announced that Google Preferred will now be taken out to enable advertisers to target popular videos in specific categories.

Google Preferred no longer available 

As aforementioned, Google Preferred will no longer be available by the end of 2020. This was the previous offering for advertisers that works similar to the traditional television ad buying. This is when advertisers meet a minimum required annual append commitment before they can lock an ad inventory. It was then available only for advertisers in the US and from Canada. 

YouTube Select to replace Google Preferred 

YouTube’s VP for Product Management and YouTube Ads, Vishal Sharma posted in the blog site that YouTube Select has more capabilities than the traditional TV ads. As more people are turning into their big screen for their YouTube videos, the trend and viewing behavior has changed. In the US alone, there are more than 100 million people (YouTube Internal Data, US, March 2020) who are watching YouTube and YouTube TV using their TV screens each month. 

YouTube Select will have a dedicated streaming TV lineup to help brands reach out to the audience who are using their TV screens. With combined TV streaming and YouTube TV,  brands will reach out to their intended audience as these audiences no longer have to jump from one platform to another just to watch live sports, YouTube Originals, videos from popular creators, and more. True to form, YouTube Select is a reimagined unification of contents for premium advertisers. 

What does this mean to you? 

The new YouTube Select is made for advertisers in order to give them the ability to not put their ads on specific shows that they’ve already bought space ads with or with shows that aren’t compatible with their brand’s mission and vision. This is also a new way for advertisers to market and target their audience beyond just the usual TV demographics such as age and gender. 

Sharma further added that advertisers and brands can be confident with YouTube Select as it is brand-safe and it gives the brands the control they need as to where and what shows their ad campaigns will be shown. 

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