YouTube Rolls Out a New Ad Format

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YouTube is making actionable ads to make their ads more shoppable. 

Image Credit: YouTube

The number of advertisers using TrueView for action Spiked to 260% last year. TrueView is a tool for performance advertisers. Due to this increase, YouTube plans to bring product selection to these TrueView ads. Advertisers can now show their products in the TrueView for action ads. This YouTube’s newest test to increase platform e-commerce and digital purchasing transactions. Users need to click the expansion arrow for the action banner to see the selection of products below the video. This new option is basically a crossover between TrueView shopping ads and action banners. 

Your ads as a storefront

Director and Product Management of YouTube Ads, Nicky Rettke wrote in the company blog that brands today are using video ads when trying to promote new products. YouTube is one of the platforms that offer the best funnel solution for brands, it’s a social media where brands can connect with their audience and get the highest likelihood of making a sale. 

Advertisers and brands need to sync their Google Merchant Center feed to their video ads to make their video ads more shoppable. Brands can pick the products they want to feature and the product pages they want to direct the most traffic. 

Video action campaigns for SMBs

Another way to drive more conversions is by using video action campaigns. This feature brings your video ads to drive action to YouTube watch pages and home feed. Companies of all sizes, especially small businesses can effectively use this to drive results a lot quicker. 

What does this mean for you? 

There’s a new culture of shopping and purchasing altogether. In 2019, Google’s shopping campaign was extended to YouTube’s home feed and search results. It was a way to keep Facebook and Amazon from taking away Google’s top pace in retail as dollars. 

According to YouTube’s data, 70% of people purchase products from a brand after seeing them on the platform. Due to this, more and more advertisers have turned into YouTube’s video ads to connect with their customers directly. YouTube also offers analytics that enables brands to see the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. For brands and advertisers, this new actionable ad test will be one way to encourage people into buying your products. It is also a great start for brands to further establish a strong e-commerce presence. 

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