Yelp Releases a New Feature to Help Local Businesses

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Yelp wants to help the various industries have been seeing a decline in their revenue. 

Yelp aims to help entrepreneurs thrive amid the difficult circumstances by adding a new feature and a $25 million fund for local businesses. This is especially for establishments that are severely affected by the virus outbreak. 

As announced, Yelp’s $25 million relief will focus on supporting local restaurant and nightlife businesses. This relief will come in waived advertising fees, free advertising, and products and services. Businesses that will remain open will get free access for Yelp page upgrades that includes Connect, Call to Action, and Business Highlights. All these features will enable businesses to communicate with their customers. 

Food chains and restaurants will also have free access to Yelp Reservation and Waitlist for three months. Yelp will now only waive advertising fees. The company also offers to support local advertisers from several other categories.

Are you eligible? 

Yelp’s offer is now available to small, independently owned restaurants. It is also available for nightlife businesses and franchises across the US and Canada. The new features include: 

  • Waived fees for businesses with active Yelp campaigns.
  • (Fees will be automatically waived until the end of March.)
  • Campaigns scheduled in April will be paused until May 1st. 
  • Businesses with delivery and takeout services will get a $100 free ad campaign for April. 
  • Free access to all paid features until April. No credit card required for transactions. 
  • Free access to Yelp Reservations and Waitlist for three months. 

What’s the new feature?

There’s now a contact-free delivery option that is made available via a partnership with Grubhub. This feature will be available beginning this week. There will also be banner alerts so that customers will know of a business’ adjusted operation hours. Yelp’s hope is that the feature will encourage social distancing.

Other new features will also enable businesses to indicate if they’re accepting orders to deliveries and takeout. Consumers will also be able to see if a certain business offers online classes, consultations, performances. Though this feature is not available yet.

What does this mean for you? 

Small and local businesses that are facing a huge challenge due to the economic situation can take refuge with the fact they can still go on with their operation using Yelp’s new feature. 

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