Toy R Us is Back and Launches New Store

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Two stores are coming before the years ends, one is opening this Saturday and another one in December. 

Toys R Us will open its first U.S store this week since it filed for bankruptcy in 2017. The store is located at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey. Its size is about a quarter of the size of their old stores for gen xers and millennials who remember the toy superstore. The second store will be opened at the Galeria Houston on December 7. 

“The amazing opportunity that we were given here was to build the store from the ground up,” says Richard Barry, CEO of Toys R Us parent company Tru Kids Brands. Barry and many others built the new store on an experiential model that features interactive toy displays. It also showcased play spaces and room for brand demonstrations and events. These renovations from Toys R Us aims to give fun and excitement to the customers who will visit.

What’s new in Toy R Us stores

“One of the things that have been exciting and new today is having customers in the store, it’s so much more fun,” says Barry. He further added that it’s their goal to make the shopping experience as interactive as possible. 

This can be achieved using the stores’ interactive setup like putting up a treehouse in the middle of the shop where kids can climb and play. There are also benches and classic storybooks for the children. The store will also have a theater space that’s great for hosting brand events such as launching new products, book signing, and birthday parties. 

Another new feature in Toys R Us is the kids simply sit down and play set up. Kids along with their parents can likewise test out new products from brands such as Hasbro’s Nerf, Lego, Melissa & Doug, Nintendo, VTech, and Spin Master’s Paw Patrol. 

Toys R Us partners with b8ta

Tru Kids Brands has partnered with b8ta, a tech-forward retail company founded in 2015. This is to address the gap between the new innovative tech products online and what customers are able to try out before buying.

Brands sign up online for a slot in order to have a spot at the b8ta store. Customers then test their products before buying. Interactive stations such as virtual reality rooms and all-electric Mini Coopers are just some of the new features provided by the store. The innovation indeed is a promising step to increase revenue, retain customers, and reach potential clients.

What does this mean for you

The brick and mortar market hasn’t been kind to many businesses. More and more brands are closing down and filing bankruptcy, Forever21 being the recent victim to the retail downfall. Despite this, the industry is thriving. Toys R Us is a living proof that bankruptcy isn’t the end of a brand’s journey.  Diversify your brick and mortar store to create an atmosphere that is unique to your industry is very important for the survival and growth of brick and mortar shops.

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