The UK Makes a Creator Union to Protect Influencers

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Creator Union aims to regulate the influencer marketing industry to protect the rights or freelancers and creators. 

In this digital age, the influencer marketing space had been getting bigger and bigger. Many apps today are influencer-based and created to give them a space to express themselves and monetize their skills in the process. It’s a space where brands and creators meet together to expand their reach. 

Creator’s pleas heard

Influencers in the UK have been asking for a unified voice that would air out their interests. Just this June, the Creator Union launched in the UK to address the issues and to represent the many bloggers, creators, influencers in the country and to ensure that they are treated fairly in all aspects related to their work. 

Nicole Ocran, the founder of the union, explained that influencers have been creating digital content for more than 15 years, and they’ve been monetizing these content before brand deals and partnerships came to exist. This market is now estimated to be worth $5.5 billion and expected to grow to $22.3 billion by 2024. 

Issues to address 

There are issues surrounding influencer marketing, including working for free, working with a tiny amount of products, and most often, not enough money to fund their creation process. Accordingly, ethnicity plays a huge role in the pay gap as white creators are paid more than creators who are Black, Asian, and Middle Eastern. Pay gaps also occur due to gender, age, religion, and disability. People who belong to the other side of the spectrum are paid much less than those considered normal by society’s standard. 

The union will be a community for influencers where they can seek out advice, a networking space, and a sounding board. The union also offers contract templates, pricing range advice, and the strategies for creating content in their niche. The organization aims to be more connected with industry leaders and make sure that the needs of creators are met. 

What does this mean for you?

Creators now have more room to be protected and treated equally regardless of their social status. The union will serve as a warning to brands and other businesses who want to partner with influencers. Compensation conversations are easier with an organization that will standardize the pricing. As a networking space for influencers, the organization is another way for them to be discovered by small businesses and brands as well.

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