Stories for B2B marketers are Now Live on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn announced that it’s testing the Snapchat-inspired Stories feature last February. The feature is now live for its members. 

LinkedIn is the platform for B2B marketers and with over 90 million users who are senior-level influencers. It’s the place for networking, opening up opportunities, and looking for opportunities too. Pete Davies, head of Consumer Product at LinkedIn wrote in his post that LinkedIn Stories is a significant and exciting change for the platform. 

Since Snapchat created its Stories feature, other social media platforms followed suit. It has become one of Instagram’s feature set and now the main channel in its users’ daily experience. Within the year of its launch, Instagram has amassed 250 million active users. At the moment, there are over 500 million users using Instagram Stories on a daily basis. The effectiveness of the feature is expected to roll out in LinkedIn as well pretty soon. 

Image credit: Social Media Today

LinkedIn stories 

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube’s, LinkedIn stories will also have a 24-hour format. As a new norm in social media platforms, LinkedIn’s goal is to let its users share at the moment instead of sticking to just posting posts in their permanent feeds. 

LinkedIn noted that this new generation uses Stories as a way of speaking, they are more comfortable in starting their conversations in a 24-hour format than poting their updates in feeds. They are more prone to sharing key experiences as moments than an item in their feed. For now, LinkedIn stories are not available for all its users. It hasn’t rolled out in the US but it’s not available in Netherland and Brazil. 

Other notes on LinkedIn stories are: 

  • It’s available on mobile yet 
  • Maximum length is 20-seconds
  • Live for 24 hours only
  • Stories can be shared via LinkedIn messages
  • Stories can be saved in frames 

What does this mean for you?

The stories feature is a new way for businesses and brands to keep their customers in the loop. It’s one great format to share key moments in the work, show the behind-the-scenes in product production, and others. Brands and businesses can also use to share tips and tricks to their audience, share day-to-day insights in the workplace, make live coverages of the vents, give your audience the highlights to the businesses. It’s a new approach to engage your customers in a more professional setting, it’s also a great way to network with other brands and create partnerships with them. 

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