Shopify Releases POS System for its Merchants

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Shopify is preparing its merchants for the future of retail with an all-new POS. 

Shopify released fully rebuilt and reimagined POS last Monday. This new point-of-sale is now available for all Shopify merchants across the globe. It is no longer news that small to medium-sized businesses have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Social distancing and stay at home protocols have forced many retailers to close down their stores and turn into online sales to keep their businesses afloat.

Online stores have seen a huge shake-up over the recent months. There’s the delivery, shipping, pick up services, and all of these affect the sales of the retailers. 

Source: News Shopify

Shopify’s new Point-of-Sales

This new system enables small to medium businesses to manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively using a single interface. This allows merchants to serve their customers online, offline, or in their physical stores in the future in a flexible way. 

According to Shopify, merchants that integrated their online and in-store sales via Shopify POS increased their revenue for about 30% year-over-year. These merchants used their online presence, pick-up in store, and local delivery to improve their revenue. Almost 26% of Shopify’s merchants are now using this new service. All offline and online sales, products, orders, and payments are now put into one interface. This allowed for more flexibility and ability to manage their inventory in real-time across various channels. 

Ian Black, Director of Retail at Shopify said that this is the company’s way of giving retailers every possible advantage that they need to thrive. Businesses need this POS to be ready and increase their growth when in-store consumers start to return.

What does this mean for you?

Every year, small to medium businesses face challenges that threaten their stability. Shopify’s new Point-of-Sales system makes it possible for merchants to deliver services online and improve their online presence.

This shift may be part of the changes in the future of retail. For merchants, being able to perform and adapt to online and offline operations is crucial.

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