Shopify Releases the Shop App for SMBs

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Shopify launched its Shop app last Tuesday to connect consumers to small and local businesses. 

Shopify just powered up over a million online stores by launching a consumer shopping app for its consumers and business partners. Shop is an updated and a revamped version of Shopify’s Arrive, which was a tracking packages app for Shopify merchants and retailers. 

SOURCE Shopify

Arrive is a package tracking tool that organizes all the consumers’ shopping shipments in a single place for an efficient status update. The app is a map-based location tracker so that users know where their packages are at a certain time. It’s worth noting that Arrive now reached 16 million downloads. 

The Shop App 

As for it’s rebranded app, Shop will have the same capabilities as Arrive, but this new app allows buyers to browse for recommended items and products. Then users can click to learn about products before they make their purchase. Another interesting feature is that users must mark their favorite items and stores to get a customized feed, recommendations, deals, and the most popular products. 

Though the apps crucial feature is the shops near you tab. The tab displays Shopify merchants with physical stores that are closest to your last delivery. Shoppers can follow these retailers within their app and order from their Shopify listing directly. In simplest terms, the app is a combination of Shop Pay and Arrive. Shoppers can purchase items via one-click checkout and then track their orders online. Shop Pay ensures a smooth payment transaction for all the brands listed in the app. 

Other features include:

  • location filters
  • Information regarding shipping, pickup, returns, and order tracking
  • Customized Recommendations

What does this mean for you?

Small businesses and retailers may not have the capabilities to entertain shoppers’ orders. They also don’t have the power to create their own apps. This app supports smaller retailers and local businesses. Shopify is an Amazon competitor and with this app, there’s potential for Shopify and it’s retailers to reach a larger audience.

The Shop app gives small businesses the enterprise-class capabilities that they didn’t have before. It also acts as the bridge that connects e-commerce with that of brick-mortar retailers. With this app, local stores now have a way to enter into the e-commerce stage as more and more consumers are leaning into online shopping. 

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