New Shopify App lets Merchants Sell on Pinterest Easier

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Shopify and Pinterest partner up to launch a new channel that will enable merchants to reach out to Pinterest’s over 350 million monthly users. 

The new app will make it easier for Shopify merchants to attract new customers and increase their revenue. Shopify explained, that Pinterest is rolling out a new Shopify channel. Over the past few months, more than 80% of Pinterest’s weekly pinners made purchases based on the liked pins. Simply put, the app allows Shopify to turn their client catalogs into shoppable ‘product pins’ that retailers or merchants can update their products’ prices, availability, and product descriptions. They can also upload their product catalogs and products on Pinterest. 

Shopify image
Image Credit: Shopify

Pinterest app features 

The app comes with several features including tag installations, automatic inventory updates, catalog ingestion, also an ads-buying interface. The app automatically makes the connection between the retailer and the Pinterest platform to make it easier for retailers to go right into editing and updating their catalogs. There’s no need for learning codes and adding development resources to connect their store to Pinterest. 

Retailers can immediately go into setting up their Pinterest right after downloading the app. They can start doing adding tags on their website and making changes. Retailers will see a shop tab in their profile to ensure product discovery. 

Pinterest pushes on to improve shopping in its platform 

This update can only stand to benefit the two platforms who have both worked recently to improve their platforms. Pinterest has been updating its platform since last year with the release of its Lens update, its AR, and its all-new shop feature for SMBs

What does this mean for you?

Pinterest reported an increased number of Pinners in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Which makes the time ripe for small businesses and merchants in Shopify to get their products on the platform. Pinterest further added that they are seeing more people who are engaged in shoppable products. The products are seeing about 44% year over year increase.

People coming into Pinterest don’t just browse products, they have the intent to plan and make purchases. Shopify merchants can take advantage of that as it helps them target customers who aren’t only looking for pretty things but looking for a good buy. Shopify merchants and retailers can download the app here. The Pinterest app is now available for retailers across the US and Canada. It will also be available for merchants from other countries including the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy in the coming weeks. 

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