Search Suggestions based on Recent Google Activity

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Logged-in users are now seeing suggested search queries based on the users’ recent search activities. 

Google has just add suggested queries based on the users’ recent searches. The suggestion is a link that appears under the search bar, the suggestion is in bold and italicized. 
As tested out and reported by Search Engine Land, Google suggests is based on a blend of two searches. Google assumes your interest and your needs based on your previous search, it basically puts two things together and goes to suggest items or search queries from there. Users are brought to the search results of the suggested link once the users click on it. Only those logged in via their Google accounts are able to get search suggestions. 

Image Credit: SearchEngineLand

AndoidPolice, one of the first sites to point it out, said the feature is silently launching via a server-side update and there’s still not many accounts that are receiving the search suggestions. Additionally, this may also be a part of Google’s new UI/UX test to see how its users would engage in the new feature. As of now, the suggestions are still at its early stages and it’s not unsure whether this feature will be in for the long run or not. 

It will still depend upon the users’ reception and engagement before Google decides to keep it available for its users permanently or to remove it. 

What does this mean for you?

It is easier for users to find what they’re looking for using the suggestion bar. It may also influence the users in considering options that they didn’t originally think of. Other features similar to this one are the related searches and the people also ask box. Both of these features have been around for some time, however, the suggested link is far more prominent than both the aforementioned due to the placement of the link. Google hopes that this will improve site engagement. 

Google hasn’t yet commented on the other goals of the suggestion. This isn’t the first time for Google to make suggestions for its users. Just last year, Google started a personalized recommendation on the Google Shopping hub homepage. The recommendations are based on the users’ shopping and search histories.

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