Podcasters can Access Google’s Manager Tool

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Google is about to give its podcasters the analytics to see how well their content is performing. 

Google announced the new tool last Tuesday in hopes of providing podcast publishers with the data that they need to improve their shows. The Google Podcasts Manager will give the creators the data of their listeners that may be used to help podcasters sell ads, have an idea of what their listeners are mostly tuned and interested in, and it will help them structure their shows in a way that’s beneficial for their listeners. 

The data includes metrics of their shows, retention data, the length of time people stay to listen, and when they stop listening, and the total amount of time that people have listened to their audio casts. 

Neat dashboard 

The dashboard will have a management analytics tool for the producers. There’s a verification system to confirm if the podcast is already available in Google Podcasts. After the verification process, producers can check out how well their podcasts are doing, they can see it in totality or by episode. 

Image credits: Voiceboat.ai

Producers will also see the devices that people are using while listening to their shows. There will be a complete breakdown by percentage if they are listening via their phones, computer, smart speakers, or other listening devices they have. The data will supplement the producers’ knowledge on the listening behaviors of their audience and to change their strategy accordingly. 

Change of process 

It’s just recently that podcasters are able to depend on these platforms to cross-check their performances. This adds to their efficiency and production time. Previously, podcast producers had to do everything on their own to learn how their shows are perceived and received by their audience. They create their own surveys and compile the data in one interface. 

With podcast platforms doing the analytics, producers now have more time in their hands to focus on improving their content. 

What does this mean for you?

Podcasts are not new and have been used as a format in reaching out to audiences. However, the lack of analytics and inside data on listeners’ behaviors has made targeting difficult. It has kept advertisers at bay, this has also limited the publishers’ increase of revenue and ad inventory. 

Spotify has also released their own analytics features for their podcast creators early this year. Google followed suit with this new tool. The podcast industry is now growing and with the analytics tool made available for creators, this will open the way for ad revenue and another platform to be considered by advertisers and brands. 

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