Moderators are Receiving a Settlement Fee from Facebook

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Facebook content moderators will now be given a minimum of $1,000 for psychological harm. 

Facebook has agreed to pay $52 million to its current and former content moderators who are suffering from mental repercussions due to their job. As reported by The Verge, the settlement amount will be given to over 11,000 content moderators how have developed depression and other mental issues while on the job. 

The preliminary settlement filed in February of 2018 against Facebook as a class-action in SanMateo Superior Court. Facebook moderators have accused Facebook of not providing its workers with a safe work environment, instead, exposing them to mental harm. Moderators have claimed to have been diagnosed with psychological issues from regular exposure to violent content while working as content moderators. 

An employee told The Guardian, As a result of the first preliminary hearing last Friday, the company has acknowledged paying the damages that their job has done to American moderators including a provision of counseling while they work. 

Eligible moderators 

The moderators will receive a minimum fee of $1,000 and will get more if they are diagnosed with PTSD and related conditions. The additional compensation will range from $1,500 to $6,000. Facebook lawyers have said that almost half of all the 11,250 may be eligible to get the extra payment. Thee moderators will be from California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas from 2015 until now. 

Plaintiff, Steve Williams’, lawyer, told The Guardian that they are thrilled with the result of the lawsuits as its a relief for the workers who are suffering from real mental issues. 

Facebook aims to change its moderation process

Facebook will be renewing its moderation process and will now address the mental heal of the workers. They will be provided with access to a mental health professional, one-on-one coaching, therapy sessions, and turning the videos moderators see in black and white reduce the impact. Facebook will also have monthly group sessions for its moderators. 

Aside from that, the company will now screen applicants who are applying for moderator positions for emotional resiliency, educating moderators on how to report violations in Facebook’s workplace standards and others. 

The company is continuously aiming to develop a healthy working environment for its employees may they be moderators or not. In a statement, the company said that will provide support through this settlement now and in the future. 

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