Microsoft Advertising Teams Up with Shutterstock

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The partnership between Microsoft Advertising and Shutterstock allows advertisers to make high-performing ads. 

Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft advertisers now have access to Shutterstock’s collection of more than 320 million images. The advertisers can search, preview, and use the stock images in their Microsoft Advertising user interface. With this, they can create beautiful campaigns much faster. They no longer have to exit their ad creation workflow

Haily De La Cruz, the Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Advertising said that this seamless integration with Shutterstock enables their customers more resources especially in this time of difficulty due to the pandemic. Despite the ad budget cuts that many startups and brands have made, Microsoft Advertising aims to let their advertisers deliver effective and top-performing ads that will resonate with their target audience. Shutterstock is home to high-quality images that’s applicable to peoples’ daily lives. The site also has images that are region-specific, thus imperative for localized ad campaigns. 

How to use Shutterstock images

Microsoft advertisers can just tap on the Add images when creating new ads for their Audience campaign. They will then have to choose the relevant image or images from the Stock Images. You maybe see watermarks on the images but these won’t appear in the ads. 

Advertisers have to check Microsoft’s image policy. There should be no hate speech or text within the images that promote hate speech. Animations are also not allowed including animated GIFs. Advertisers can use the images in Shutterstock but they can’t edit the photos they have selected. The images can’t also be used for other reasons except for their Microsoft Advertising campaigns. 

What does this mean for you?

Images have huge effects on the performance of your ad campaigns. Images attract attention and many people may not remember the tagline, but most often, they remember the images attached to your brand. The right images can connect you to your target audience, however, if you use the same mages repeatedly, you are likely wasting an opportunity to engage with your audience. You need the right images, not just a single image. 

With this partnership, Microsoft advertisers now have access to millions of photos giving them more options. The stock photos are now available for all advertisers across the US and the UK for those who are participating in the beta for the Microsoft Audience Network. The feature is expected to roll out to other markets within the year. 

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