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Tom Brady is the face of Hulu’s Superbowl ad

Hulu went ahead with its 30-second commercial featuring Tom Brady. The intent of the ad was to promote live sports streaming, and the Super Bowl is a huge advertising opportunity. It was a perfect combination of audience, content, and message.

Hulu explores their options in the Live Sports arena

In May last year, Hulu executives announced that based on their research, 65% of the live-sports viewers are checking in on Hulu’s library of on-demand content. This is huge, most of Hulu’s revenue is derived from its on-demand viewing, and only 15% of revenue comes from streaming ads. Live Tv is the more expensive offering of Hulu as its subscription usually costs $54.99. This includes 65 live and on-demand channels.

Hulu Live Sports Streaming

Brands and the biggest ad industry stage

Brands are aware of how their investment for their ads in Super Bowl spots will help with their campaigns and brand awareness. This year advertisers were willing to spend $5.6 million for 30-second ad space. Despite the price point, advertisers have high expectations for returns of the investment.

With the ads flooding the Super Bowl, it was difficult for the audience to even pick one that made its mark. Streaming services, such as Hulu and Disney +both had 30-second ads.

Disney + advertised all of its coming series and Amazon featured their show entitled, Hunters. Though Hulu has an advantage over some popular streaming platforms with the addition of live-streamed sports.

Massive market 

SuperBowl ads are promising. The ads give advertisers the chance to showcase their products in front of close to 100 million viewers in real-time. The Superbowl is the biggest event in the world of TV commercials. 

Modern advertising is experimenting and exploring many strategies to best utilize 30-second ads. Donny Deutsch, a long-time ad executive, and shared that when it comes to Super Bowl ads and the simplest ads with human stories are the ones that make an impact, and that is exactly what Hulu did.

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