Google Removed 2.7 Billion Ads in 2019

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Google is on a roll of removing fake and bad ads from its servers. 

Google’s annual report last Thursday showed that the tech giant has ended billions of ads to protect its users. In total, Google blocked about 2.7 billion bad advertisements due to violations of its ad policies. That means there were 100 ads blocked per second in the previous year. 

This year, Google said that it’s putting more focus on removing fraudulent ads related to COVID-19. The company created a task force specifically tracking ads on the coronavirus pandemic. Scott Spencer, Google’s Vice President of Product Management wrote that they have a new detection technology to make the tracking much easier. 

So far, Google has taken down tens of millions of COVID-19 ads in the previous months including misleading claims, overpriced products, misleading cures, and fake news on unemployment claims. The new task force has helped several NGOs, hospitals, healthcare providers, and other agencies fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. 

As for publishers’ accounts, Google removed the ads from more than 21 million web pages all because of violating the ad policies. 

Improving policies and technology 

Spencer added that some industries are more prone to malicious behaviors. For example, more and more consumers are turning to financial services rather than physical stores and brick and mortar locations. Google has identified a spike in personal loan advertisements with false information. To address this issue, the tech giant has improved its policy and now only allows loan-related ads to run only if the advertiser explains clearly the fees, risks, and benefits on their website to give the users the option and make informed decisions. The debt management program was also employed in select countries to help users with their credit problems.  

What does this mean for you? 

Advertising platforms, not only Google, are keeping a close tab on its ads system to ensure their users’ and publishers’ safety. Google has thousands of people working to keep the ad ecosystem safety but millions of bad ads still keep on pushing their way out. In this year’s pandemic, fraudulent publishers and advertisers are taking advantage of the situation. 

Google seems very motivated to remove all these bad ads. Just last week, Google extended its verification program to the advertisers. The verification program was only intended for political ads then but is now implemented for all partner publishers and advertisers as well. Advertisers are now required to go through the verification process and submit the documents proving the existence of their businesses.

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