Google Released a WordPress Plugin to Increase Traffic

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WordPress sites now have a new tool to ensure increased traffic to its site. 

Image credits: Google, Templates available for Web Stories

Site owners have been asking Google for plugins and tools to increase the traffic in their sites as traffic revenues are only limited from search engines and social media platforms. The other method to get good traffic is to make sure that your site content ranks among the top and appear on the first page of the search result. These are the only available methods that sites could use to increase their site traffic. Fortunately, Google announced a new plugin recently which is called Google Web Stories. 

What is Google Web Stories?

The entire description of the plugin is Visual storytelling for WordPress. This is basically a custom editor that allows users and site owners to create AMP-powered stories in WordPress. The beta can be downloaded from WordPress’ plugin directory. Google is also asking for feedback and improvements from developers who want to contribute to the plugin via the GitHub repository. 

The main purpose of the Web Stories is to enable visually-rich stories using a mobile-focused format. Stories format is one of the most effective brands and marketing strategies today. As for WordPress, the stories will be used to give chunked news and information to the site visitors. Each of the pages of the Web Story has a maximum of 10 words. Google recommends between 4 – 30 pages of content. The content can be monetized using affiliate links, Google DV, and Google Ad Manager. Mobile users are the target of the new plugin, it’s for people who want information in chunks, in a glance, or in a quick sneak peek. 

The Web Stories has a dashboard screen in the admin. The dashboard has all the visual list of created stories that users can scroll about. There are also templates available for site managers to customize their story pages. 

What does this mean for you?

Web story formats are best for mobile users as they offer bite-sized information. It’s also effective for brands and site owners as it encourages a significant amount of traffic. This WordPress plugin is still in its beta form, it lacks the animation and some page attachment support. Google has said that the final version won’t be available until the summer of 2020. The final version will have more features and will be a lot better as opposed to the current version. 

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