Google Is Set to Keep Employees at Home Till Summer 2021

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CEO Sundar Pichai broke the news to all its employees in an email early this week. 

Image credit: The Verge

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is planning to keep 200,000 of its full-time and contract employees to work remotely until July 2021. Other companies have expressed the same long-term plans of keeping their employees in a work-from-home policy because of the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. Google, however, is the first to set a time frame and extend its new work process until next year. 

Employees at Google received an email from Pichai of the said arrangement. In the mail, it said that Google is “extending its global voluntary work through June 2021 for roles that don’t need to be in the office.” He further added that the next 12 months can be used to make sure that all of Google’s employees are safe and are staying with their family in this time of uncertainty. 

Being an industry giant, other companies may follow suit in announcing their extensions as well. This working remotely news came in despite Google’s effort of reopening 42 offices globally. This includes smaller offices in countries that are less affected by the health crisis like Greece, Thailand, and Australia. The reopening was to give their staff more options. They could staff to return to their offices if they choose to or need to. The company employed safety precautions and they did it on a limited, rotating basis. 

Welcoming the new normal 

Pichai discussed this decision with an internal group of top executives. Among the things considered was the new normal for many. Most employees of Google have kids and they too are trying to make changes in order to accommodate the academic year, parents have looked into home-schooling and other options.

Tech giants such as Facebook, Square, and Twitter announced their plans to allow their employees to continue working remotely indefinitely. Twitter told its employees to work remotely even when the pandemic subsides. Zuckerberg too said that his organization is gearing for working remotely for the next 10 years. Other companies such as Amazon and Apple on the other hand have asked their workers to come back to their offices by January 2021. 

Working remotely has given employers more options and access to more talents. Companies need not hire from nearby places, they can hire services from people who aren’t living in the same state. 

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