Google Hangouts Meet is free for the Time Being

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Google is now giving away its premium version of Hangouts Meet for remote workers amid Covid-19. 

Google is making it easier for entrepreneurs and employees to work from home by waiving the fees for its Hangouts Meets premium version. The world has been taken by storm due to Covid-19. Industries have been affected and many big tech companies have urged and encouraged their employees to bring their works at home.

Many schools and universities have also closed their doors and decided to halt classes. Those who didn’t stop classes have opted for virtual lessons. 

Free until July 1st 

The web search giant has announced that the free offer will last until July 1, 2020. Students from HongKong and Vietnam have started using Hangouts Meets and Google Classroom to continue their classes even when they’re only staying indoors. This ensures that their education will push through despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

All GSuite and GSuite for Education users will have access to all the advanced features of Hangouts Meet and all its video-conferencing capabilities such as the following: 

  • Live streaming to 100,000 viewers or more per domain
  • Record meetings and save them in Google Drive
  • Large meetings with 2502 participants 

Many professionals and analysts have said that Google’s cloud services like Drive, Docs, and Hangouts are a great help, especially in today’s situation. It will help keep people stay connected and still increase their work efficiency even when under quarantine. 

What does this mean for you?

Entrepreneurs and other businesses depend on their manual labor to keep their brands running. However, due to Covid-19, respective countries have raised their security health levels and stopped people from going to work. 

Through Google Hangouts or Zoom employees, across industries have been able to preserve. Premium features of both applications will be available for the time being. For Hangouts, you can try it full version without having to pay a dime until July 1. You can talk to your clients, potential clients, have staff meetings, and make sure that things are working well for your company and brand even during these difficult times. 

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