Google Ads Now Allows Lead Form Extensions to YouTube

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Google Ads advertisers can now get leads while people are watching videos on YouTube as Google extends lead form to ads on YouTube. 

Image credit: Google 

Advertisers now have a new way to capture leads. Using lead forms extensions to YouTube and Discovery campaigns. These forms will appear after users show interest in products when they click the ads in the videos. The ad extensions have been in pilot testing since October last year but it as only made available in the Search campaign. Google announced the lead form ad extension will be made available in the Display campaign settings within the year said

The lead form extensions were tested out by Jeep and the company reported a 10x increase in the completed forms. Jeep said that the extension is a cost-efficient way of capturing leads as compared to other ad platforms. 

Optimizing leads 

The goal isn’t just to capture leads but also being able to qualify the leads coming in to ensure revenue. To do so, businesses need to connect their converted leads to their online campaigns. Advertisers will now have an easier time to import their offline conversions by using the information that people have given them in the lead form. It’s faster to integrate the information into their CRM system as well. Aside from qualifying leads, advertisers can also optimize their campaigns by using Customer Match. Customer Match allows businesses to continue their conversation with their prospects and their existing customers. Google said that they are working with Zapier to create a Google Ads integration. It will be easier for advertisers to import their data from Google Ads to their CRM system. This allows businesses to have a seamless view of their data from one platform to another. 

What does this mean for you?

Lead extensions help advertisers capture leads from their search ads and now, from YouTube ads and Display ads. The trick about leads is to monitor the leads coming and in and qualifying them since not all leads are valid leads. Google has been cracking lead forms in ads as it tested ou the contact form in extensions in 2010 and the cost-per-lead-ads in 2011. 

The results of the tests aim to help small to medium-sized businesses to capture more leads from their campaigns. Recently, Quora also made the same changes as it launched its own lead generation forms. Quora teamed up with Zapier to send the leads to other platforms including SalesForce, Gmail, and Marketo. 

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